Kristof Levandovski
UFO money

How to trade with UFO (Universal Financial Organization)?

First you have to encounter an UFO, out of the belief that it exists and has the power, knowledge and equipment to keep financial records safe and in good order. Once you believe that UFO has the required capability, you need to ask someone who has had an encounter with them, to introduce you. The UFO network grows by recommendation.

You may then be invited into the UFO spaceship, to learn how to use its evolutionary money invention - invisible money - and how to open your own UFO-money account.

Invisible money is created by individuals or organizations (not by banks) as fully backed (by solid assets) electronic banknotes to which you add your electronic signature. In reality, the E-banknote is a digital file showing the value to be noted and its serial number with the date of issuance.

This serial number can be blinded by you, by means of well-known cryptic procedures, to make it completely anonymous. Anonymity through blinding is not obligatory. The technical details of the procedures used by UFO can be found at:
You then send your banknote by SMS or internet to UFO-capsule for approval.
UFO recognizes your e-signature and debits your account, adding their electronic signature to your e-banknote before sending it back to you.
On receiving it back, you unblind the serial number, if it was blinded, and remove your private signature.

The e-banknote is now ready for use, as valid UFO-money. Depending on your previous decisions it could be completely anonymous, or not.

To use UFO-money in a transaction, you transfer it to your transaction partner who also has a close encounters (account) with UFO. You can do this by telephone, internet or diskette.

Your transaction partner sends the banknote received from you to UFO for approval.

When UFO has recognized its e-signature, it checks that the banknote has the right serial number, then credits the account and posts the serial number of the banknote to a used serial numbers file. The number will never be used again.

Invisible UFO-money is usury/interest-free. This money is demurraged. It means that its amount – not value - is diminishing in time, by some percent. This demurrage is kind of fee for UFO-capsule operation, taken automatically from accounts of those who participate in close encounters.

It is possible to buy UFO-money with national currencies (exchange). The purchases are treated by UFO as their exports. When you buy UFO-money with national currencies, you simple help to export netted goods and services outside the UFO-net.

The UFO-price of goods and services is expected to be much lower than normal prices once UFO-circles are well established. It is the main reason to buy and use this money. Profits from lower UFO-prices cover many times loses from the demurrage.

And how does UFO fight inflation? It is simple. UFO-money is automatically converted to time-money units (hours). When you buy goods and services within UFO-money circle you have two prices at each commodity/service – 1) in hours and 2) in national currencies. Hours have a common meaning as equivalent of an work-hour and prices in hours are very stable. The work-hours (as money) are fully backed by goods (including gold) and services available through the UFO net.

The rising of prices in national currencies against stability of prices in UFO-money will show people exactly how the present economy is run and how much they could gain through UFO-net.

You pay UFO for storing money unless you put it on a fixed deposit account for community disposal (through non-interest loans).

Surely UFO could be a good platform for alternative global and local economies. You don't even need plastic cards and its infrastructure, as in conventional banking systems or their alternatives (like in Love Smart Cards scheme introduced in Japan in January 2002 - on details please refer to, which is expensive and requires governmental support.

Electronic, non-interest UFO-money could be a good solution for all local communities to the problems of rising costs of their activity, unemployment and total dependence on bank policies founded on increasing debts and financial speculation. Non-interest UFO-money gives than new perspectives to numerous nations, companies and individuals who don't want to support banking elites with every transaction made through their mediation.

This UFO concept was developed for their own use by ruling banking elites. As others take up the idea, they will see that as a real threat. In the Summary of above-mentioned document prepared by the National Security Agency of the USA (Cryptology Division of the Office of Information Security Research and Technology) - at - it is stated:

"Anonymity also provides an avenue for laundering money and evading taxes that is DIFFICULT TO COMBAT (my emphasis) without resorting to escrow mechanisms. Anonymity can be provided at varying levels, but increasing the level of anonymity also increases the potential damages. It is necessary to weigh the need for anonymity with these concerns."

This is taken from the last paragraph of the NSA document summary.

Governments want every human transaction to be profitable to financial masters. If we want our economic dealings to be overseen and taxed by us, people, and not by fanatic and militaristic elites, we have the possibility of using UFO-money as a peaceful weapon - not only at the local LETS level, but also at regional and international levels of interest-free trade, fully backed by goods and services.

I have called it UFO-money because I expect the financial organization for it to be friendly and better organized than modern financial institutions taking a grip on our joy and freedom. I expect more loving encounters with UFO.

UFO-money, like LETS, bypasses government money and scrutiny. It returns to the people their natural right to money creation.

In my opinion, people in the alternative movement don't have any other choice now than to create an alternative economic flow based on sophisticated, present-day technologies.

Kristof Levandovski
February 2002, revised March 2004.