Swieto Radosci (Day of Joy) is proposed as a new feast, being celebrated at the end of June each year. This special day, which could be extended to every moment of life, is dedicated to openess, truth, compassion, love, to all people, regardless of their gender, race, religion, nationality.

Day of Joy requires shift from the present, usury-based global community of people motivated by greed, fear and guilt, to the new paradigm commujnity of people who feel, cooperate and have adequate economy, based on negative interest called demmurage.

We put our material in 4 sections, forming the mandala from our cover page: philosophy, complementary economy, contemporary arts and ecology. Some texts in english are presented here.

Kristof Levandovski - Attractors vs virtual money
Kristof Levandovski - Two economies
Kristof Levandovski - UFO money
Lesław Michnowski - Ecohumanism and Knowledge About the Future...